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Incident Response & Digital Forensics

In addition to our audit and advisory services, we also offer consulting for security response and secure software development. We assist companies to embed security into an organisation's software development life-cycle process and provide training to developers on how to write secure code. We also assist with incident response and digital forensics.

Incident Response

incident response support

We offer incident response support in the case of a security breach. With our understanding of threat actors, their tactics, tools, and procedures, we are able to identify affected systems, isolate them, pinpoint the entry point of the attack, and data that may have been compromised, and then remediate the weaknesses identified and restore systems to operation.

In today's context, it is merely a matter of time before a breach will occur. The imperative is to quickly identify any intrusion, minimise any data loss and repel the attack. To assist with the identification of ongoing attacks and any breach that may occur a robust monitoring and response procedure should be implemented as part of the organisation's cybersecurity architecture.  Our experts can assist with the setup and development of intrusion detection, security monitoring, and incident response plans.

Digital Forensics

We also provide digital forensic services in the case of administrative investigations. Recovery of data from damaged or wiped drives, deleted files, the examination of hidden operating systems, and interrogation of logs, registry entries, and meta information to recover evidence in an internal investigation or just to recover important lost data are part of our service offering.
Using forensic tools we can reconstruct the timeline of events from file timestamps and provide you with a report for use in your internal investigations.

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