Virtual CISO Service

Virtual CISO Service

Our Virtual CISO (vCISO) services assists organisations in developing, implementing, and monitoring their cybersecurity strategy. A coherent and integrated cybersecurity strategy, that aligns with business goals and objectives, is vital to ensure a businesses' going concern status. It is not only the existential threat from a cybersecurity breach that needs to be addressed but the growing compliance requirements across the globe as governments grapple with the need to protect their citizens from the fallout of cybersecurity incidents. Insurance companies are also becoming increasingly restrictive on their requirements for business insurance when it comes to cybersecurity.

Cyber Security Strategy Development & Implementation Monitoring

Our virtual cisco service team augments your existing cybersecurity resources, provides strategic direction, goal prioritisation, and cybersecurity governance oversite. Besides ensuring the development of policy and strategic objectives we help develop plans for increasing your organisation's cybersecurity capacity and end-user training. From endpoint security to cloud security and secure DevOps and software development lifecycle we have the skills to help you improve your security posture to world-class standards.

Ongoing Engagement with Executive Management & Business Goal Alignment

We meet monthly with senior management to review progress on the cybersecurity strategic plan, engage with senior executives to ensure alignment with business objectives, provide threat intelligence, and manage and direct security teams. Contact us today to find out more.

Other Services

We also provide:



Managed Security Service Provider

Managed Security Provider Service

Our managed security service operations centres (SOC) monitors and responds to security breaches of your infrastructure on a 24/7 basis.

Advanced Analytics

Our team of security analysts review logs and alters continuously to detect breaches or other security incidents.  Aided by our state-of-the-art monitoring infrastructure with advanced features such as behavioural analysis and security orchestrations, automation and response we prevent cybersecurity breaches, ensure timely response to incidents and proactively monitor your infrastructure for vulnerabilities.

Management Dashboards & Reports

Our SIEM dashboard provides management with a single-page view of their organisation's security posture and provides pre-built compliance reports for PCI-DSS and other international standards such as HIPAA, NIST CSF and more.

Team Collaboration

Our team works closely with your resources to coordinate responses, updated machines and devices to address identified vulnerabilities and plan and implement improved security architecture across your organisation.

We report monthly to senior management on key performance metrics to ensure alignment with business goals and to monitor compliance with company policy and strategic plans.

Our service offering is SLA based on a 12 months contract and a commissioning phase as we integrate your switches, servers and endpoints into our monitoring infrastructure. Contact us for a quote on your security operation centre requirements.

Why ustilise Virtual CISO and Managed Security Provider offerings?

Why Use Outsourced Security Services?


The high cost of carrying out all your own cybersecurity functions and installing, configuring, and commissioning your own cybersecurity infrastructure and the exceedingly
difficult task of finding suitably qualified security experts to hire in the current market, is one of the primary reasons organizations seek to outsource these services. 

We work with our customer's teams

But there are other benefits to outsourcing, such as access to larger skills and experience base offered by the service provider such as Jumping Bean.  Fortunately, it is also not a binary decision to outsource or not.  We work with our customers to develop their own internal capabilities and capacities and to provide services only where it makes sense for us to perform them rather than our customers. We are happy to provide as much support as you need and no more.

How we onboard a customer

When we engage a new client we perform an analysis of their cybersecurity requirements, list the inventory that needs to be monitored, and then design an optimal solution for our customer's budget and security context.

We provide training to our customer's team and executive management if necessary on our SIEM dashboard and incident response processes to ensure a seamless workflow between our team and our customers. Let us reduce your cybersecurity risk to acceptable limits

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